Thanksgiving Links

Continental Congress Thanksgiving Proclamation (1782)
The First Thanksgiving Proclamation (1676)
George Washington's 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation
Chief Seattle's 1854 Oration
The History of Thanksgiving and Its Celebrations
The Importance of Thanksgiving, by Caleb Johnson
Hugely extensive history of the Mayflower, its passengers, documents (The Mayflower Compact, etc.), genealogical research, lineage societies, museums, and much more!
The Pilgrims and America's First Thanksgiving
Pilgrims and Puritans: Background
Pilgrim Hall Museum
Plimoth Plantation
Plymouth: Its History and People
Brief histories of: Plymouth, the Mayflower, the Mayflower Compact, the Pilgrims, the Wampanoag Tribe, John Alden, William Bradford, William Brewster, John Carver, Massasoit, Samoset, Myles Standish, The Winslows, and the Mayflower Passenger List
The Plymouth, Massachusetts, Home Page
Traditions: Thanksgiving Dinner
The Truth About the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving: The First Thanksgiving
Wampanoag History

Turkey Facts
Turkey Facts
Turkey History and Lore

Educational Materials Thanksgiving Learning Activities/Theme Units
TONS of Thanksgiving-themed learning units: logic, reading comprehension, thinking puzzles, coloring pages, plays, hidden pictures, visual skills, sudoku, activity sheets, math worksheets, social studies, science project, mazes, tons more...
Thanksgiving Lesson Plans and Teacher Resources
Thanksgiving . . . In the Melting Pot
A Forum with Anthropologist Sidney Mintz - Food for Thought, Sustaining Old Traditions, What Our Traditions and Foods Say About America

Cards Thanksgiving Greeting Card & Gift Shop
Send a Virtual Arrangement or Card
Thanksgiving Cards from "Awesome Cyber Cards"

Thanksgiving Day Parades
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Official Site
Parade dates and location, TV air time, parade history, behind the scenes, parade map, much more Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
The Parade, The Big Balloon Blow-Up the Night Before, The Parade's History, Parade Route Map, etc.
View Thanksgiving Parade Photos

Crafts & Decorating Ideas
A Child's Thanksgiving Tree
A Waste Not Pilgrim
Beautiful Fall Decor on a Shoestring
Ben & Jerry's Thanksgiving
Printable Place Tags, New England Village Buildings, Coloring Pages, more...
Bread Basket Centerpiece
Brown Bag Turkey
Cardboard Tube Pilgrims & Indians
Cardboard Tube Scarecrow
Clay Pot Pilgrim
Clay Pot Turkey
Craft Stick Turkey
Decorating for Thanksgiving - Budget-Friendly Decor for the Holiday
Dishtowel Scarecrow
DLTK's Autumn Crafts for Kids
Corn Cob Craft, Fall Tree Craft, Autumn Handprint Wreath, Scarecrow Craft, Coloring Pages, more...
Fall Crafts from Kaboose
Acorn Wreath, Make a Fall Bouquet, Fall Barrettes and Scrunchies, Apple Printing, Cinnamon Clay, Fall Leaf Print, Pine Cone Wreath, Pine Cone Turkeys, Scarecrow Wall Decoration, lots more...
Fall Luminaries
Family Handprint Turkey
Festive Scarecrow
Fun Thanksgiving Foods to Make for Kids
Gobble-Good Turkey
Indian Chief Headdress & Indian Vest
Make Your Own Holiday Cloth Napkins
Painted Handprint Turkey
Paint Stick Scarecrow
Paper Bag Scarecrow
Pilgrim Snack Hat
Scarecrow Wreath
Thanksgiving Crafts from Kaboose
Thanksgiving placecard holder, tin can turkey, pilgrim girl outfit, paper turkey, more...
Thanksgiving Printable Place Cards from
Thanksgiving Printable Stationery from

Ben & Jerry's Printable Thanksgiving Maze and Word Search Puzzles Thanksgiving Theme Units
Thanksgiving: word finds, math worksheets, crossword, word puzzles, word worksheets, and TONS more...
Interactive Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle
Interactive Thanksgiving Meal Word Scramble
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Matching Game & Puzzles Thanskgiving Games
Thanksgiving sudoku, tic tac toe, word jumble, match game, turkey hunt, jigsaw puzzle, Over the River, word search, slide puzzle, more...
Turkey Trivia Quiz - Interactive

Coloring Pages Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages
Ben & Jerry's Thanksgiving Coloring Pages Coloring Pages Thanksgiving Coloring Pages
Thanksgiving Placemat to Print and Color, from Butterball

Kaboose: Thanksgiving Jokes and Riddles
An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving, by Louisa May Alcott
Over the River and Through the Woods ("A Boy's Thanksgiving Day"), by Lydia Marie Child

Clipart, Backgrounds, Icons
Kaboose: Thanksgiving Backgrounds, Borders, and Border Sets
Kaboose: Thanksgiving Clip Art
An Olde Fashioned Thanksgiving: Victorian Thanksgiving Art ($)
Thanksgiving Cursor & Icons from Billy Bear

Computer Goodies Free Thanksgiving Screensavers! (Win) Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers! Free Calendar Wallpapers!
Billy Bear's Fall Harvest Wallpaper
Billy Bear's Thanksgiving PC Screensavers (Win)
Billy Bear's Thanksgiving Wallpaper
Dog and Cat Thanksgiving Painting Wallpapers by Monica Van der Weer
Holiday Lights (Win or Mac)
(w/turkey, cornucopia, fall leaf, and pumpkin lights, too)
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Wallpaper from Official Site (See under "Fun & Games")
Thanksgiving Cursor & Icons from Billy Bear

General Thanksgiving Sites
Bethany Roberts' Thanksgiving Fun Page
Crafts and recipes, printable Thanksgiving items, games and activities, songs, rhymes, riddles, jokes, more...
Billy Bear 4 Kids' Happy Thanksgiving Page
Online games, puzzles, crafts, screen savers, wallpapers, clipart, more.