Bulletproof Sunglasses

Imagine there's a 3" bullet travelling 106 mph right to your eyes, is there any gadget good enough to prevent the deadly bullet causing any harm?

Following Japan Self Defense Force SunGlasses is the one officially recommended by the Japanese military due to the keen capability to withstand gratuitous amounts of force.

The Self Defense Sunglasses‘ frames are made from TPR/TR90 material, which should be strong enough to take a bit of a pressure themselves.

They'll only set you back $317.


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  1. Couple of comments: First, the picture they use is of a bullet still seated in its brass casing. Thus, the bullet was not fired from a gun, especially considering that if it were fired from a gun it would be going far faster than 106mph as is mentioned in the ad.

    I am not one who is a good judge of style, so I can't comment on wither or not the glasses are worth the money based on style or not. I just think its silly that they used a Cartridge in the picture and not a bullet in flight.

    Here is a little info for those not ballistically inclined: Cartridge = bullet + smokeless gunpowder + primer + shell casing.