Burgeoning Blobs of Blubbering Bacon

Bacon is the greatest food ever. If you don't like it, I will fight you. How couldn't you like it? It's greasy, salty, savory, smokey and delicious. Plus, you can do more than just eat it, you can also make stuff out of it, or make stuff from materials that look like bacon. Yep, it is very versatile. Thank you piggy, and your delicious belly.

A landscape made of bacon. When I die, and I get a choice between bacon heaven and normal heaven, I'm choosing bacon heaven. It may be a trick, but if it's not, mmm-boy! (A little homage to Jack Handy)

Bacon flavored toothpicks, perfect for digging out chunks of bacon from your teeth, without loosing any of that delicious bacon aftertaste.

A bacon flash drive. It's the perfect way to save all of your favorite bacon pictures.

Tired of waking up to no bacon? Me too. But now there is a bacon alarm clock. Praise the day.

Bacon earrings.

Bacon soap, to give your entire body that delicious bacon scent.

Live in a cabin in the middle of the Montana wilderness? No quick access to bacon? No problem, now that there is tactical bacon.

Are you tired of your band aids not being delicious? Problem solved.

Salad is lame. Bacon is delicious. Salad in a bacon bowl is still lame, but at least it will be delicious.

Mr. Bacon's Big Adventure board game. Monopoly can shove it.

Mmm, a bacon dress.

Bacontini, yes please.

Why shouldn't hats be made of bacon? There is no good reason.

Bacon i-Phone case.

A meat ship, featuring bacon. Thanksgiving dinner will never be the same.

Bacon flavored vodka, perfect for your bacontinis.

Bacon cupcakes, you bet.

Bacon flavored lip balm.

A machine gun made of bacon. Suddenly war doesn't look so bad.

A bacon bottle cozy.

Diet Coke with bacon? Sign me up for that taste sensation.

Bacon flavored rolling papers, for all you pot heads.

A bacon scarf.

A bacon lampshade. Mmmm.

A bacon lunch box. Better be filled with bacon, woman! (Just kidding dear)

Are you tired of mint? Of course you are. Floss with bacon instead!

What time is it? Bacon time sucka.

Late night at the office? No problem, it's bacon-case to the rescue.

Bring home the bacon in style.

Black and baby blue aren't the only tuxedo choices out there.

Bacon shoes are this year's "Croc."

Bacon mousepad.

Like I said, mint is overrated.

No time to cook your bacon? No fridge? No problem. Now there is "squeez bacon."

Kids love bacon, but don't always have time to sit down and eat it. Well, now they can cure their bacon fix on the go, with gummy bacon.

Halloween, AKA the birth of the Great Pumpkin, is quickly approaching. Get your bacon costume before they are all gone.

Mr. Bacon vs. Monsieur Tofu, that evil French surrender monkey.

Baconnaise, the ultimate bacon flavored spread.

Eggs and bacon? Delicious. Eggs made of bacon? Delicious-er.

Strap a piece of bacon to your wrist.

Chocolate with real bacon mixed in? Delicious.

Bacon plush toys.

Bacon tattoos.

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  1. Umm, PocketBacon for iPhone!