Airline Food from Around the World

Emirates Airlines, Economy Class. Looks like some salad, Flan, fruit, a roll, and mystery meat sauce on rice.

Lufthansa, Economy Class. Sausage, potatoes, red thing, croissant, vegetables. Mmmm, delish.

Lufthansa, Economy Class. Tortellini?, a roll, water and some candy. Sort of appetizing.

Martin Air, Economy Class. Cheese sandwich, a roll, some yogurt, candy and other assorted goodies. It was nice of them to break a dollar on this fine meal.

Turkish Airlines. Mmm, Beefaroni, hard to go wrong. Some sort of chocolate desert, veggies. Nice.

Thai food, veggies, a roll and some ginger ale.

Rice vermicelli with chicken and vegetables on Singapore Airlines.

South Korean Airline Food. Packets of goodness, and a salad.

Looks like three dishes of the blandest food imaginable, with a couple of rolls thrown in, to sop up the gravy like substance.

African style beef combined with spinach on a Lufthansa from Africa.

Unknown substance and rice. At least they got a cookie.

Chicken, rice, veggies, a salad, roll, and some delicious cookies.

Mmm, breakfast. Yogurt, coffee, egg product, croissant.

German Airlines, looks like some beef stroganoff.

Austrian Airlines food on a flight from Kosovo. Don't ask me to describe what is on that plate. All I can define are some green olives, and half a hard boiled egg. Past that, I don't know. But at least they get some delicious Trinkwasser to wash it down with.

Roast Lamb and Vegetables on Air New Zealand.

Braised fish with oriental sauce, on Singapore Airlines.

Some sort of chicken? meal on Philippine Airlines, comes with a rocky road bar, and a small slice of Gouda.

Iceland air food. Brown lumps of meat, a brownie, fish salad, a roll and some Icelandic butter.

Raw salted salmon and rye bread with chocolate cake as a dessert. First class on Scandinavian Airlines.

Korean Air from South Korea to Narita, Japan. Chicken, kimchi and pineapple.

JALways dinner. Mystery pink substance, and some Sakai.

Food from a flight to Helsinki, Finland. Looks like trash can scrapings and a cup of chocolate pudding.

Rice dish, banana bread, and a delicious chef salad.

Taiwanese food on China Airlines. Chicken with a side of tripe.



  1. The red thing from Lufthansa Economy is either a roasted tomato (with spices or something on it) or a stuffed pepper... yum.

  2. Yeah! GO Air NZ!!! NZ Rules!!!

  3. Lufthansa's tortellini is amazing! It didn't look that small when I had it. It came with a garden salad,spring veggies and a can of whatever soda I wanted.