Ornate Street Lamps - Part 2

Street lights/lamps are usually boring, gray, utilitarian devices. But sometimes, they are fancy, artistic, and even pretty. Below are 16 such lights (This is part 2, part 1 is found here):

A solar tree street lamp.

A fancy street lamp in China, notice the cameras.

A copper (looks like copper anyway) street lamp in NYC.

Another cool street lamp in Amsterdam.

A street light with seashell shaped designs.

A Chinese lamp style street light.

Pretty cool lamp, looks like England.

A cool lamp, with pinkish glass around the lights.

A giant rose lamp.

A lady-shaped lamp.

A flower-shaped street light near Amsterdam.

A cool street lamp by Giralda Tower.

Another fancy lamp in Europe some where, it looks like.

A very ornate metal street light.

A big stone bird protecting it's favorite street lamp.

And, this guy.

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