Women with Mullets, Femullets - A Dangerous and Wild Breed

You think only guys can have mullets? Well you are wrong. Woman can have mullets to, they are called "femullets." Below are some tasty examples.

This fella found himself a fancy Asian femullet.

A classic 80's femullet. To make things even sexier, she has a snaggle tooth. Grrrr!

A femullet at a Reds game.

A very business chic mullet.

I can't tell if one of them is a dude or not.

Delicious lesbimullet love.

That is quite a perm.

Close your mouth lady.

A femullet sighting at a monster truck show.

Oooh, sassy. Remember when femullets were the sexy trend? Me neither.

"Hey lady, will you pose for a picture, so I can post your ridiculous mullet on the internet?" "Sure."

Notice it is basically buzzed up front.

I'm pretty sure this was taken during a prayer. That takes dedication.

Hey grandma, I dig the sports bra, and 1800's Native American style haircut.

"Grandma keeps candy and spare change in her mullet."


Sweet dye job gal!

A little out of focus. That is typical of femullets in the wild, they are quite elusive, often seen only from the peripheral.

A racing fan femullet.

Nice little red tint to this one.

Mmmm, the feathered look + a cigarette in her mouth + the over sized men's t-shirt. Yes please!

This is a modern euro-sleek femullet.

What's worse, the mullet in a scrunchy, the tank top, or the jeans?

Another Euro-sleek femullet.

Sweet combo with the bowl cut.

Oh, got ya! You thought you could hide behind the lady in green!

Very sleek.

A nice view from the back.

Femullets are very common at Walmart.

A nice, nice femullet. Bonus? A big ol' wedgie.

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  1. Friend sent me to your site because we were noticing all the mullets (standard, fem, youth and even toddler) at the local auto races and I, being a photographer, had to take photos. I'd love to see a follow up on kids' mullets . . . puhlease?!!

  2. Alright Ann, you have convinced me, I'll do it. Check back later for a post. If you have any good mullet photos from your races, I'd love to see them, and post them. submitaforward@yahoo.com

  3. The blond-streaked "sweet dye job" gal is in fact, a sweet dye job mullet dude. The cheekbones are all man.

  4. I don't know about that Lucy. You'll notice there is absolutely no stuble on her/his face. Also, there are lots of women with strong cheek bones.

  5. Lucy may have a point - no bra strap indents under that shirt. Could go either way . . . and maybe s/he does.

  6. great work here!! however, i must say that i actually really like the euro-sleek femullet. the others are a riot, but style is style and i think that girl actually pulls it off. i found your site while searching for trendy hairstyles to send to my sister (she wants to do a mohawk and im trying to convince her that she should do an indi-punk edgy mullet).
    thanks for the site! funny and helpful all rolled-into one...kinda like the deff of a mullet (party and business).:)

  7. The Euro sleek does look great on her. I do think you need to be a cute little Euro sleek chick to pull it off, though.

  8. This is grrrr-eat! I have been growing my hair out for several years in preparation for the prefect punk/pixie mullet. I am now in the conceptual phase--thanks for some fantastic inspiration!