The Manliest Names Ever

Staff Sgt. Max Fightmaster
The manliest name on the planet. Just saying it will put hair on your chest, even if you're a woman. The awesome part? His rank: Staff Sergeant.

Manley Power
A British military leader who fought in a number of campaigns for Britain and rosed to the rank of Lieutenant General. After his active military service, Manley was appointed Lieutenant Governor of Malta, which made him even manlier.

Rad Heroman
Rad Heroman, the most bada-- name for a marine ever.

Magnus Ver Magnusson
His name would have been enough to own the world, but he's not just a tough name: he's been the world's strongest man. This icelander was a powerlifter and strongman who won the title four times between 1991 and 1996

Rockland Steel
Now, this is a driver I can trust. He could easily be a naval ship.

Lt. Commander. Flex Plexico
Flex Plexico, not bad at all. He's a public affairs officer at the Navy's Personnel Command.

Elliott Bonebrake
Bonebrake, perfect last name for a kickboxing champion. He went the other way around and works as a chiropractor.

Batman Bin Suparman
Batman, son of Superman, lives in Singapur and is ready to kick your butt anytime. Ok, being named after both superheroes could be a little too much, but hey, Asian streets are tougher.

Optimus Prime
In 2001, a firefighter for the Ohio National Guard, legally changed his name to "Optimus Prime" on his 30th birthday, because the show character was like a "father figure" for him when he was growing up.

Rip Torn
Just think about it. His name is RIP TORN. I mean, you can't get deadlier than that.


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