Bull Semen Hair Treatment, and Bird Poop Facial Cream...

When it comes to extracting beauty from nature's bounty, seems some are getting a bit excessive. Bird poop facials and bull semen hair masks are two of the newest extremely natural "luxuries" popping up at many of the most chic, albeit avant-garde, spas around the world. No joke. Brings new meaning to the idea of getting "s***-faced."

"Uguisu no Fun" is an ancient Japanese beauty secret used by Geishas since the 18th Century. Somehow someone discovered that Nightingale feces (yes, the translation of "Uguisu no Fun") could efficiently wash off the thick white make-up traditionally worn. Though our white base wearing days are a thing of the past, the once sought-after poop is making a resurgence... as a face mask. Rich with Guanine, an amino acid with light refracting compounds known to brighten and cleanse (also found in fish scales and bat feces) plus a slew of naturally accruing enzymes, the high-class droppings are said to dislodge stubborn blackheads, soften and even skin-tone. While there is a slight stench from the dried and powdered poop, many swear the scent is reminiscent of hay.


While lathering up your locks with bull sperm might not be top of mind, it is the newest (and possibly most grotesque) it-treatment in a few forward-thinking London salons. The semen is procured fresh from a farm in Cheshire, then cut with Katera—Iranian plant root, in the creation of a super high-protein hair mask that penetrates deeply into each follicle. The result? Supremely moisturized, nourished, shiny, thick yet light, and vivacious locks that leave hair stimulated for several months. Might be why this head treatment is known by some as "Viagra for hair!"

Image courtesy of SERDAR YAGCI/istockphoto.
Image courtesy of Mike Bentley/istockphoto.


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