US Celebrities In Japanese Commercials and Advertisements

Bruce Willis, for Post Water. Mmmmm.

Live Tyler for Lux Hair Products. One of a dozen or so young female celebrities from the US.

John Travolta for Tokyo Drink.

Keifer Sutherland for Calorie Mate.

Britney Spears for Go Go Tea.

J-Lo for

Anne Hathaway for Lux.

Natalie Portman for Lux.

Arnold for some sort of drink.

Arnold again, for some Ramen noodles.

Catherine Zeta Jones, for Lux.

Arnold for that same drink.

Sly, for Ito Ham Bayern Sausage.

Harrison Ford pushing beer.

Whoopi Goldberg in a candy advertisement.

Cameron Diaz, not sure what the ad is for.

Mariah Carey in a canned coffee drink commercial.

Jones in a Boss advertisement.

Cameron Diaz for SoftBank.

Brad Pitt for SoftBank.


  1. Celebrities are such whores

  2. I would be reluctant to pose next to such a small wiener if I were Sly Stallone