24 Funny Stolen Food and Office Notes

I have penned many such notes in my lifetime, as my former college roommates could attest to.

No more lame notes.

To the individual that ate the hotpockets, enjoy your diarrhea.

Keep it local.


They both have good points.

A carton of eggs? Subtle.

Hey, you don't want me to take a bite of your food, then don't leave your delicious pizza unprotected.

Wow. It's like a dollar for six thousand baggies. Scrooge.

I think we have all spit in the dressing at one time or another.

Well, "not" can be interpreted a lot of ways.

Who takes 1/2 a slice. It's not like only half of you will go to hell for stealing.

It is a pretty common name.

Clever and timely.

Exactly my point.

How old are these people?

I was hungry.


Wah, wah, baby wah.


Yeah, microwaves are hard to master.


Does Oxy Powder make things more delicious?

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