Spoon on the Nose Trick

Sitting around the dinner table bored? Someone will inevitably grab a spoon, breathe on it, then stick it on their nose, followed by "Can you do this?" Yes, dork, I can do that, so can everyone else who has ever held a spoon. I'd like to put an end to this trick, by proving that everyone can do it, and it isn't really a novel feat. It's no different than the orange wedge smile gag.

Women can do it.

Babies can do it, even with plastic spoons.

No stupid, you are doing it wrong.

You can do it with little golden spoons and moustaches.

You can do it in a tank top.

You can even do it if you are a kid who is way too old to be wearing a bib and eating out of a baby bowl.

No moron, you are doing it wrong.

Blonds can do it.

Teenagers can do it.

Attractive people can do it.

No kid, you are doing it wrong.

You can do it when you are high.

Girls with piercings can do it.

Old people can do it.

D-Bags can do it.

You can do it in groups.

Even little baby girls can do it.

So please, enough with the nose-spooning. It was cute the first time, but the novelty is over.

Photos from Flickr.

1 comment:

  1. I could never do it because my nose is freak-shaped. D:

    I had to settle with using my chin.