Nifty Links

Be very careful with that hat - The little girls face is the best.

Random Thanksgiving Related Facts - Happy Thanksgiving, tommorrow.

The ten best celebrity computer advertisements of the eighties.

Possibly The Awesomest Shirt Ever Created - It is pretty cool.

Eight Deep-Fried Turkey Disaster Videos - I don't think fried turkey tastes much different than normal.

Rear Gear Butt Covers for Pets - Awesome. Seriously, who wants to look at your dogs "balloon knot" all day?

25 horrifying Thanksgiving turkey cakes - Mmm, cake.

A Monkey Partied Too Hard - I love monkies, even when they barf.

Vintage Disneyland - a set on Flickr - Disneyland is the greatest.

Videos of cute animals - Awww, for precious.

Black Friday website - Deals, deals, deals.

Thanksgiving Links 2009 Volume II

Church spreads its message with tattoos - Embrace Jesus, with skin art?

Bart Simpson's Blackboard Writings - Mmmm, sacralicious...

Sculptures Made of Cans

Pale is the New

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