The 311 Mile Long Street (500 km)


Someone pointed out that the map says 500, not 800 km. It is actually 500 km (I just measured it on Google Maps),. But either way, it's impressive.

There is a road in central Brazil that is 311 miles long. Big deal you say? We are talking about a street, one street, that stretches the equivalent of New York City to Albany, and back, or from San Diego to Las Vegas. That's a huge freaking road. What makes it a road, and not a highway? Notice that there are streets branching off of it the whole way. There are also houses all along it. This isn't a road from point a to b, it is a residential street.



  1. it's called Route 66 ... among other roads. Interstate 10, Interstate 40, Interstate 70, Interstate 80, and Interstate 90 for instance. that's just for starters.

  2. Route 66 is a highway, as are the others you listed. This is a street.

  3. this is a dirt road, big deal!

  4. How's aboot this street:

    1. It's attributed to be the longest street in the world, but it's not. The same link you provided specifies why!

  5. "this is a dirt road, big deal!"

    Pavement snob.

    "How's aboot this street:"

    Crap, that is big, thanks for sharing.

  6. Forget about those snobs. What is the NAME of the street. I can see whole new catchphrases...

    "take a stroll on calle X"

    "I'll be back quicker than you can walk down X calle"

    What else?

  7. This is not central Brazil. This is the North of the country. It looks like a bit central if you consider the whole south america... Anyway, nice one.