A Dizzying Dispose of Deep Fried Delicacies, Delivering a Difficult Dilemma; Do I Dare Devour Them?

All countries deep fry food, it's an easy way to cook, and it is tasty. Of course, deep frying food is also very bad for you. It is even worse for you, when the food was unhealthy for you to begin with. Is deep fried food terribly unhealthy? Yes. Would I try most of these anyway? Yes. Below is a deluge of diabolically delicious, deep fried dishes:

Deep fried pizza. Mmmm.

Deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich. For a more healthy alternative, try toasting it like a grilled cheese sandwich. It's pretty good.

Deep fried pancakes.

Deep fried Oreos. I bet they are good.

A deep fried meatball.

Deep fried Haloumi.

Deep fried yam puffs.

A deep fried Twinkie. I've had one of these in Las Vegas, it was pretty tasty.

Deep fried ravioli.

A deep fried quarter pounder. Good grief, that is a heart attack waiting to happen.

Deep fried pickles. I have made these, and they are outrageously delicious.

Deep fried Mars bar.

A fried Cadbury egg. Ew?

A deep fried peach.

Deep fried coke. I hear it is quite good.

Deep fried cheese curds. Mmmm.

Another deep fried Twinkie. This is similar to the one I had in Vegas.

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  1. i've eaten Deep Fried Cheesecake before ... it was a delicious heart-attack waiting to happen :)

  2. They missed deep fried bacon.
    The greatest snack of all time.

  3. Where can I find the DEEP FRIED TWINKIES? I really wanna try one. Thanks.

  4. Well I had one at a little shop in old Las Vegas, right there on that main street. You can also find them at fairs, carnivals, and amusement parks. If none of those work, try googling it.

  5. How the hell do you deep fry Coke?

  6. yeah, how we can deep fry coke??? wonder how it's taste.