17 Children With Mullets

What is the worst haircut you could have as a child? What is the one haircut that would guarantee teasing and mocking, if you didn't live in Canada's hockey country, or the backwoods of the Appalachians? A mullet. Here are some child mullets, also know as chullets.

Ahh yeah boyee.

Triplet child mullets, fantastic.

Ahh, the lonely boy chullet.

Holy freaking crap. Could she look any more Joe Dirt?

A chullet frolicking in the water.

A child mullet with steps. Gorgeous.

A chullet with a nice rooster tail as well.

You are one handsome fella.


A child hockey mullet. Very popular in Canada.

A child mexi-mullet.

A pierced ear and highlights too? Classy.

Another child mexi-mullet.

A child with a mullet and a speedo? Perfection.

What can I say?

What a well groomed mullet, not a hair out of place.

Ooops, I think he noticed the person snapping his picture. You have to be very quick when taking a picture of one in the wild, they are very observant.

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  1. Da best list ever! Chullets, not entirely forgotten since the 80s! Keep up the good work!