16 Cool and Creative Coffins

Apparently, custom coffins is a thing now. It looks like Ghana is the center of it all, as it is with most trends. Or wait, that doesn't seem right.

What is right are these cool and creative coffins.

The search is over, I've found my future coffin.

Double the fun. Get buried with a buddy!

There is a lot of "buzz" about this one. I'm sorry.
Camera projector coffin

Be buried in what killed you.

Here is a collection of a few coffins. I dig the chicken.

We'll miss you Sponge Bob.

Camera Coffin

I've always wanted to be buried in Shaq's wing tip shoe.

Hot rod coffin

Now Dracula can work on his complexion. 

For the nerds that die alone.

For those who want death to be sweet.

If rigamortis has already set in, just bury them as they lay.

Ariel has really let herself go.

If you want to be buried as pretentious as you lived.

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