15 Custom Tail Pipes

Tail pipes, or exhaust pipes are normally unnoticed. But, for those that like a custom look on their ride, they might add some custom tail pipes.

Check out these 15 custom exhaust pipes:

Much longer version of regular tailpipes

So, I don't think that's necessary.

When loving your car is exhausting. Get it?

Greasy lighting

How can I ruin my Mercedes?

Gatling gun tail pipe

So apparently you can use this tailpipe to cook burgers. What kind of jack ass would eat a burger smoked on a tailpipe?

This skull one is my favorite

If your car is just too masculine, add this Hello Kitty exhaust pipe

When you feel like having a Mercedes doesn't make you a big enough douche, just add 30 tail pipes.

Is that a funnel?

I just, can't even.

That's kind of cool I guess.

Is it a car, is it a spaceship?

Aaaand, we have a winner. Loser?

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