12 Cool And Creative Belts

I just use an extension cord to keep my pants up, but some people have dignity. For those that wear real belts, they can be pretty bland. These belts and buckles, however, are anything but plain.

Check out these 12 Cool and creative belts and belt buckles.

A belt knife, in case you need to, I dunno, gut a fish.

A calculator belt, for quick algebra on the go

This belt is kind of cool, it's a belt wallet
Right, like any cowboy will have a full beer long enough to need to set it down

I guess this one protects your phone

If you need to carry around a flask on your belt, well, you are probably too drunk to read this right now.

This belt has hidden storage for drugs stolen stuff money.

Here is a James Bond sort of belt, with a built in camera

Belt storage for tic-tacs and ear plugs I guess.

This belt buckle is also a lighter

Pac-Man Belt

This Mario belt is pretty cool, and guaranteed to keep the ladies out of your pants.

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