41 Dum Dum Flavors

1924Dum Dums® are a popular American lollipop, invented in 1924. Dum Dums are sphere-shaped lollipops named by I. C. Bahr, a sales manager at the Akron Candy Company in Bellevue, Ohio, in 1924. In 1953, the Dum Dum Pop was purchased by the Spangler Candy Company.

Dum Dums are a popular treat given away on Halloween. They are inexpensive, and kids love them. There were 7 original flavors, but over the years, there have been 41 total flavors released, 16 of which are currently in production. Behold, 41 Dum Dum flavors:

  1. lemon
  2. lime
  3. orange
  4. coconut-pineapple
  5. cherry
  6. grape
  7. butterscotch
  8. root beer
  9. strawberry
  10. chocolate
  11. banana
  12. raspberry
  13. black cherry
  14. cream soda
  15. pineapple
  16. watermelon
  17. peach
  18. sour apple
  19. blue raspberry
  20. orange cream
  21. fruit punch
  22. buttered popcorn
  23. mystery flavor
  24. bubble gum
  25. cotton candy
  26. cherry cola
  27. pink lemonade
  28. mango
  29. tangerine
  30. Ashlynn Coconut
  31. strawberry shortcake
  32. banana split
  33. Savannah Blueberry
  34. mystery mania (flavors)
  35. fruit punch
  36. dulce de leche
  37. peach-mango
  38. raspberry lemonade
  39. Hawaiian Punch™
  40. Fruit Juicy Red™
  41. Hawaiian Punch™ Polar Blast

Photo source: DDGuy


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