26 Cool and Unique Push Pins

The push pin was invented in 1900 by Edwin Moore and quickly became a success. These pins are also called "thumb-tacks." I know there is some sort of "prick" joke to be made here, but my mind is blank.

Just because their job is boring, doesn't mean the they need to be boring. Here are 26 cool and unique push pins.

Little log pins

Googly eyed pins

Paper airplane pins

Tooth pins

Ninja throwing star pins. Perfect for threatening notes.

Sprout pins. Apparently these are meant to make your cork board look like it is sprouting with life.

Magnetic pins. This is smart, no more need for damaging whatever it is you pin.

Light up pins. How often will you need to read a post-it note in the dark? I dunno.

Headless man pins.

Nessie pins.

Bunnies and bears.

Rose pins.

Arrow pins.

Ancient weapon pins, great for ransom notes.

These little fabric covered, cutsie pins.

Insect pins

Screw pins, because everyone likes the look of a screw that isn't fully driven into the wall. Gives a great unfinished look.


I don't know if the pen is meant to looks like their penis, never the less...

Keep your notes disguised from prying eyes.

Bullet pins

Wax seal pins.

I'm a real boy!

I mustache you to pin this.

Mario pins

Finger pins

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