10 Nifty Life Hacks

I'm always looking for new ways to make life lazier easier. Life hacks are a great way to reach that end. Here are 10 nifty life hacks for you lazy slobs terrific folks.

My wife does this, and it works really well. No need to waste shelf space, or keep things under the sink where babies can get to it.

Why haven't I thought of this? I know some people use wire to cut cheese, but why not a cake?

Nice, it's sort of a diversion safe. Nobody is going to steal your chap stick. Keep some extra bucks stashed away safely.

I don't eat corn unless it is popped with butter, or in chip form. But I'm sure if you like vegetables, this would be a great hack.

Brilliant. I hate spending ten minutes trying to find and then peel away the edge of a roll of tape. Especially that clear, extra sticky packing tape.

Sick of your fly falling down. No problem, use a key ring to attach your zipper to your button.

Who couldn't use more closet space? Well now you can have more space, AND look like a redneck.

Easy solution to a common annoyance. How many times have I though, "I'll just pull off this loose string here..." No more button.

I'll have to try this one. Anyone know if it works?

Easy way to make your own tie rack. Could also use it for scarves, belts, etc.

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