11 Brilliant Car Hacks

Why drive like an amateur? Why live like your in the dark ages. Take it to the next level with these 11 car hacks. Thanks to Toyota Carlsbad for the great ideas.

Extend the wireless range of your keys1. Can’t Find Your Car?
Can't find where you parked your car because you are old? Simply hold your key fob up against your chin and press the unlock button. This weird, yet allegedly effective method turns your head into an antenna, which increases the fobs range. 

Ask for directions here not there2. Need Directions?
I don't ask for directions, because I'm a man. But if being feminine isn't a concern to you, and you need directions, ask the employees at a pizza delivery place rather than a gas station. Their drivers know the area well, and you can load up on cheesy bread while you're at it.

Where is my gas tank located?3. Gas Tank Confusion
Confused about which side the gas tank is on? Well dummy, there’s a small arrow located on your gas gauge that actually points to the side of your car that gas tank is on.

De-ice your frozen car lock4. De-Ice a Car Lock with Hand Sanitizer
So apparently you can squirt a little hand sanitizer in your car lock, or even on your key, and it will de-ice your car lock. I don't know about that, but it makes for a terrible cocktail.

Cleaning Hazy Headlights with Toothpaste. 5. Hazy Headlight Headache
Cloudy headlights are caused by the ultra-violet light from the sun. However, if you take a small amount of toothpaste and apply it to your headlights with a rag in small, circular motions, it will remove some of the fogginess. Its lasts anywhere from 2-4 months. You might as well try it, you obviously aren't using it to brush anyway.
Use a staple remover to add things to your keychain. 6. Key Ring Bling
Next time you are adding something to your key ring, opt for the stapler remover. It’s a fast, effective way to add things without injuring yourself.

Protect your car door with a pool noodle7. Pool Noodle Protection
We can think of a billion different reasons why pool noodles are awesome, but this one really takes the cake so we had to share. Cut a pool noodle in half, place it on your garage wall and voila! a shield used to prevent car door dings. Swim toy saves the day!

Keep your takeout warm, turn on your seat heaters.
8. Let’s Get Toasty
Got seat heaters? Perfect, you can use that puppy to keep your take-out warm. Even if your vehicle doesn’t have seat heaters you can still utilize the foot heater option and place your food on the passenger floor board.

Monitor local gas prices with our app.9. Fuel Up!
You can actually save money by being a bit more strategic about getting gas. Stations will typically raise their prices during the day (especially during rush hour), so it’s best to fill up on gas is before dawn or late at night when the sun and traffic is minimal.  

Color coordinate your keys10. Color your Keys
Try using nail polish to paint your keys. Color coding your keys will make it easier to identify which key is which and will add a little life to your key chain. Try to coordinate the color with the key function so you don’t forget. Blue can be for the pool key, green can be for the garden shed or a safe ($$$), brown for the bathroom, etc.

The perfect container for your bagel.11. Bagel Me
Sick of getting your breakfast all over the inside of your car? Use a CD spindle as a bagel tote. It locks in the freshness and keeps crumbs from getting all over your car. Or you could always just stop eating in your car, piggy.


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