11 Silly Soap Dispensers

Sure soap dispensers are covered in fecal matter. Sure most of us don't wash our hands after using the bathroom. Sure that keyboard and mouse you are using are probably covered in bathroom germs. Where was I going with this? Oh well. Look, 11 silly soap dispensers!

I don't mean to be snotty, but this one is a little nosy for my taste.

An anatomical heart, for when a kidney dispenser just won't do.

For our desert loving friends, we have this lovely cupcake dispenser.

Sort of an old timey soap tipper over-er.

Argh, wash yer hands so ye don't get the scurvy. Argh.


Finally a convenient way to wash away your sins.

Scrape off a piece of that hand washing action.

Bear in mind I am not a koala-fied soap dispenser expert.

Anyone who would want a TARDIS soap dispenser, probably doesn't wash their hands much anyway.

When only creepy will do.

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