Cotton Candy at Golden Corral

Golden Corral (a popular buffet restaurant) is now offering cotton candy for dessert. Really? 99% of the people eating at Golden Coral already have impulse control problems when it comes to food (I among them), and now they are offering spun sugar for dessert? How many patrons will be dipping their cotton candy in the chocolate fountain or smothering it in nacho cheese and gravy. Hmm, well, to each his own.


  1. Cotton candy is delicious, but I don't know about getting it as part of a buffet. There is something to be said about time and place. The first thing I thought when I saw their commercial was, "Ugh, I'd hate to have to clean up after all that sticky mess."

  2. Yeah, me and my kids love it too. But I fear that if I gave them too much I'll have to deal with their dentist.