Get Married at McDonalds

In Hong Kong you can have your wedding at McDonalds. Would you like a wife with that?
In January, McDonald's added wedding packages to its Hong Kong menu. This is the only city in the world where the American restaurant chain offers the service, prompted by frequent inquiries about fast-food weddings from customers in recent years. Now, three McDonald's locations are equipped to stage marital festivities in the style of any 6-year-old's model birthday. That the corporation should move to fill — or perhaps create — this niche is not so unusual. Despite being surpassed by Subway as the world's largest fast-food chain, McDonald's still serves 400,000 Hong Kongers every day. Countless couples will have met, or at least dated, there. Business executives take clients there for lunch; high school students gather there over homework.

The New York Times reports that the McWeddings offer an inexpensive option in a nation where the monthly household income averages around only $2,250, but the average couple spends about $29,200 for a wedding. A ceremony under the Golden Arches is a relative steal, starting at $1,280, which comes with food and drinks for 50, a "wedding cake" made of stacked apple pies, and invitation cards. There are even gifts for the guests - figurines of classic McDonald's characters like the Hamburglar and Ronald McDonald.

McDonalds will even include wedding rings, a dress made from balloons, and all the trappings of a 6 years-olds birthday party.


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