Want - Bacon Candy Canes

Candy canes are delicious. Bacon is delicious. It stands to reason that bacon candy canes would be delicious also. So, Make sure you are ready for Christmas by picking up a box of these Bacon Candy Canes to hang on the tree next to your Bacon Christmas Ornament. They look just like regular candy canes with the traditional red and white stripes, but instead of peppermint, these have a bacon flavor.

As I was eating my bacon sandwich the other morning I realized something; bacon is like the candy bar of meat. That’s when the brainwave struck; forget about boring minty candy canes at Christmas. What if there were other flavors? Well we’ve got a treat for you here; these might look like your plain old red and white striped candy canes, but they’re actually bacon flavored.

Bacon Candy Canes are available for $4.49 at BaronBob.com (though they are currently out of stock).

Via The Presurfer

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