Jones Soda Deals

Jones Soda has some delicious holiday themed sodas this year. There is Ginger Bread, Sugar Plum, Candy Cane and Pear Tree. Mmmm. Use one of the codes below to get a great deal. Order some today!

20% off Jones Holiday Pack - Coupon Code Holiday20

10% off myJones Order - Coupon Code MY10JONES

10% off $60 (excludes MyJones & Limited Edition Orders) - Coupon Code JONESBEV-10
Officially endorsed and distributed by local Elf Union 422, and run via extremely limited quantities deep in a hidden crater, buried beneath a glacier..(under a mountain) in the North Pole, we proudly present this virtual Holiday feast for the sophisticated sweet toothed aficionado. This year’s 4 Holiday flavors to include: 1) Ginger Bread: made from only the smiley faced heads of 100% organic, free range, gluten free gingerbread people. 2) Sugar Plum: fresh squeezed a la the aforementioned fruit of legend, and plucked from the only known remaining Sugar Plum tree in existence, nestled deep in the Foja Mountains of Indonesia. 3) Candy Cane: a drink so crisp and winter fresh, you’ll have no choice but to exclaim “By the beard of Santa!” in a crowded library, and finally 4) Pear Tree: a nectar so refreshing Zeus himself was known to sip it from his silver goblet, whilst wearing headband antlers. So drink up buckaroos, because this limited time offer will be gone before you can say “jet-pack reindeer.” The Holiday 4pk contains one 12oz bottle of each holiday flavor. **Does not include holiday shrink wrap**

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