Cleaning Carpets with Shaving Cream

Did you know you can use shaving cream (foam) to clean stains out of carpets? Either did I.

My son spilled red punch all over the carpet. It looked like the mat of the boxing ring on Rocky IV. I went to get some carpet cleaner, only to find it empty. My wife mentioned that she heard you can use shaving cream to clean carpets. Not the gel stuff, the actual shaving foam. Of course I didn't believe her. I tore off her pants, set them on fire, and hung them off a telephone wire.

Once she posted bail, I came back home and tried the shaving cream on the stain. Low and behold, it worked! This was bright red punch, but it came right out. I sprayed it on, waited 30 seconds, and then scrubbed. I repeated this one more time, and it was gone. Awesome. Cheap. Awesome and cheap.

I suppose if the stain was really bad, you could let it set for like 15 minutes before blotting it out, or scrubbing.


  1. Great to know! Thanks for spreading the wealth. :)

  2. No way! This ones way better than the sling post! hahaha!

  3. Its so unique idea. Shaving cream can be used for cleaning carpets and so for removing red spot. it means it really works. I must say, your wife had given you best suggestion. But admitted but it took some time. Well, it's good that you tried; people like us who don't know would get to know how things available in home can be so useful.

  4. I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing this "hack". I guess it can clean a lot of other stuff as well. I'll definitely keep that in mind thank you :)

  5. Shaving cream can clean blood stains as well. I use it and it works every time - just rub the cream into the spot and then wash it by hand or in the washing machine.

  6. The first time I used it, it was brand new. I was on a lark. I tried it on the counters, the spills inside the fridge door, on the sink and finally on the floors. It was wonderful. It cleaned everything it touched.
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