5 Unbeaten Eating Challenges

CNBC lists five unbeaten eating challenges:

The Full-o-Bull Challenge
Restaurant: Cowtown Diner
Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Not only does Cowtown Diner’s Full-o-Bull Challenge boast that it serves the largest chicken fried steak in the world, it might very well be the largest eating challenge, to boot. That’s not a surprising claim, given that things are always bigger in Texas.

The challenge includes a 64 ounce chicken fried steak, served on an extra-large pizza pan, measures 14 inches in diameter and weighs about 10 pounds with gravy. But wait, that’s not all: You must also finish the Texas-sized sides, which include four pounds of mashed potatoes and 10 pieces of Texas toast.

There’s one piece of good news: The time limit to the Full-o-Bull challenge is relatively leisurely. You have from when the restaurant opens at 7 a.m. to the time it closes at 2 a.m. to finish the meal.

In the nearly two years since the challenge was created, close to 175 challengers have tried and failed to finish the Full-o-Bull.

If anyone ever wins the challenge, they’ll get their $70 meal on the house and a shirt that reads “I came to Cowtown Diner hungry and left Full-o-Bull.”

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  1. it's so good minus the raw center.... you think we'll get sick? shut up we have a 60 minute time limit..ok you know what's best...