31 Unique & Strange Mailboxes

Boring old mailboxes are for losers. These awesome mailboxes are for winners. Check out these unique and strange mailboxes:

This is what happens when you don't wear sunscreen.

This one is pretty cool, if you are a hobbit that lives in the Shire.

Now that is some handywork I think we can all appreciate.

Pretty cool how he is just casually holding the mailbox under his arm.

Do you have any idea how labor intensive it is to dig a mailbox sized hole into a slab of solid rock? Quite. Quite intensive. That's how much.

It stings if any bills are inserted.

Fancy, yes, but what do you do about square packages?

Chicken. It's a chicken.

R2-D2 in mailbox form.

The first attempt at e-mail. My, how it has evolved since then.

Spongebob Square Box.

For those that love doing shrooms.

I think it is supposed to be a pig and a little boy.

"Insert bills in pig rectum."

This one is pretty fancy. Although, it's kind of sick that the owner would want to see a defenseless child being attacked by a dog, every time they go to retieve their mail.

Aquaman's mailbox?

Bob Marley? Racist? I dunno.

That's a real human spine. Disgusting. (Sarcasm)

Coloring someting with markers is one thing.

What's with the spiders?

Insert in bikers arse.

Tiki type mailbox.

In case you get mail from the unibomber?

Bruce Wayne isn't as discreet as he used to be.

Giant hammer mailbox.

The only good use for an apple computer.

This is supposedly Robin William's mailbox. (Seriously)

Yao Ming's mailbox?

An evil cat demon in mailbox form.

This one is pretty sweet.
A demon from hell, trapped between two worlds, forced to take a job as a mailbox post.

Sources: Sorry, lost my sources. Let me know if one of these pictures is yours.

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