26 Cool Toiler Paper Dispensers and Holders

So sometimes when I am sitting there, stinking, I think to myself, why is my toilet paper dispenser so ugly? And when did I eat that? Well, I'm sick of such a boring toilet paper experience! Behold, 26 cool toilet paper dispensers and holders:

Sometimes you can only do your thinking on the can.

If I owned a castle...

It's funny because robots don't poop.

Even cowboys poop.

Listen to Maroon 5, while you brown 2.

I don't understand this, but it's cool.

Rango, what have they done to you!

Don't judge me lady!

Why doesn't he have pants on?


Some would say that this is the best use for a Mac.

May the force be with pooh.

Those Charmin bears are obsessed with toilet paper.

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  1. lol the knight one is awesome


  2. OMG these are awesome!! Why is the waitor dude not wearing pants?! lmao!! I LOOOVE the robot and bear one!!

  3. Amazing…….There is lot of funny paper dispenser in given above blog that is looking glorious. I will use this type of paper dispenser in my bathroom. The ghost paper dispenser I like most.