A Slide for People in a Hurry - AKA A Transfer Accelerator

Saw this at The Presurfer:
Dutch train passengers running late to their appointments have a quicker option for getting across Overvecht Station in the city of Utrecht - and that option isn't a new flight of stairs or an elevator.
Design firm HIK Ontwerpers recently installed a slide in the newly renovated station to add a little fun to the everyday lives of commuters. Officially called a 'transfer accelerator,' the slide was installed in this underutilized area as part of HIK Ontwerpers ongoing urban installations series.

Ok, first, awesome. Second, anger, why aren't these in more places, like... everywhere. Here I am using my legs like a fool! And third, I have another million dollar idea: put these in tall buildings as fire escapes. You could put slides in their own little stairwell seperate from the other stairs. It would get a lot of people down quickly and act as a backup to regular stairs. Also, people could/would ride it everyday anyway because it is awesome.

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