Pizza Toppings from Around the World

Pizza is beloved around the world, and it seems like every country and culture has it's own take on it. Here are some examples of pizza toppings/preferences from around the world. Also feel free to share any toppings or variations you are aware of.

The Japanese love seafood on pizza, sweet corn, potatoes, mayonnaise, and hard boiled eggs. You can even find pizza with cod roe, tuna, octopus, seaweed and squid ink. I love you Japan, but that all sounds nasty.

In India you can find typical toppings, but you can also find things like tandoori chicken and chicken tikka. Other toppings include minced mutton, pickled ginger, tofu, and a cottage cheese-like dairy product called paneer. Indians like to top their pizzas with plenty of chili flakes, ketchup, and other condiments. India, you crazy.

People love pizza in Brazil. Pizza in Brazil usually has a very thin layer of tomato sauce as a base on a thin crust. Along with some familiar toppings, you can also top corn, quail eggs, green peas, shredded carrots, beets, raisins, heart of palm, linguica sausage, guava jam, bananas, chocolate, and catupiry cheese, which is a type of cream cheese. Many pizza eaters in Brazil put ketchup or mustard on their pizzas. "Yes, I'll have a quail egg and heart of palm pizza with mustard please."

In Russia you can order a pizza with traditional toppings, but they also love seafood on their pizza. A combo called "mockba" includes sardines, tuna, mackerel, salmon, and onions. Many Russians will also order a pizza with red herring.

Saudi Arabia:
Due to religious concerns, all meat toppings in Saudi Arabia are 100 percent beef, as pork is not eaten in this country. I can't imagine a life without bacon.

In Australia you'll find pizza menus with ingredients such as cabanossi, capsicum, prawns, diced pumpkin, tomato chutney, eggs, and lamb. The top ingredients in Australia are pineapple, ham, peppers, and pepperoni; so not totally different from the US.

Pizzas are usually thin-crust. They are topped with a minimal amount of sauce and cheese, but have plenty of other toppings. Toppings feature lots of vegetables, including corn. Pizzas are often served with ketchup on the side in two varieties, dulce (sweet) or picante (hot).

In France they like flambée which consists of bacon, onion, and fresh cream.

Costa Rica:
People in Costa Rica like coconut on their pizza.

In China many pizzas have a thousand island dressing base. Eel is also a popular topping.

Asparagus is a popular topping as are eggs.

In Sweden they have a popular pizza called the "Hawaiian," it's topped with bananas, ham and curry powder.

Sweden also has a kebab pizza; here is a youtube video all about it.

They like corn and goat cheese on their pizza.
New Zealand:
Here you can get a "meat pie" pizza, which is essentially like a sloppy joe, but with peas, corn, and cheese. It is then topped with a square of pastry with a tomato sauce swirl.

Here you might find a pizza called Berlusconi, topped with smoked reindeer, chanterelle mushrooms and red onions.

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  1. Pffft, that Japanese pizza owns & sounds delicious.

    Lrn 2 food.

  2. In Scotland we have haggis as a topping:
    And also, we just deep fry them anyway!:

  3. The video for the swedish kebab pizza isn't working anymore. Also, the "Hawaii" pizza is topped with pineapple and not bananas. Some places do have curry powder on it, but in my experience most places don't. It sounds like the pizza described is more likely to be called an "Africana" or perhaps a "Banana".

  4. Come to Thailand! I believe the localisation of pizza is in every country.
    Tom Yum Goong pizza, originated from the favourite well-known Thai spicy prawn curry, is put prawn (or shrimp), Shiitake mushroom, cheese, a bit of ketchup and the curry paste. Of course, it is spicy for you! Easy to find! It is in The Pizza Company here!!