Peelable Banana Popcicle

I want to try this so badly. Finally fruit that won't make me gag! Anyone know where I can get one?
Many would think that a peelable ice cream is unbelievable.

But it is now a reality and this playful eating experience can be enjoyed in the form of an innovative, fun and unusual ice cream stick, which is about to be rolled out across the globe this year, after its successful launch in Thailand as Eskimo Monkey.

Eaten like a banana, you start the playful experience by taking a bite from the top of the peelable jelly shell, which you then roll down like a banana skin to reveal a delicious ice cream core.



  1. I am confused, assuming that the jelly skin is edible and presumably flavored to be compatible to the inner "banana" what would be the point of eating them separately? Other than the novelty aspect of being able to separate them - similar to oreos - which are often separated but in my opinion taste better together.
    If, for instance, instead of the obvious banana flavoring this had a mint flavored center covered in chocolate, I would not want to peel and eat the mint and then be left with the chocolate afterwords - I would prefer to enjoy the combination of complimentary flavors together.
    But maybe that's just me.

  2. It has nothing to do with how it tastes I would believe. This is purely a novelty thing. It's "neat" to eat a treat like this. That being said I would suspect that most people will only eat the first one like that. After that any additional ones will be eaten without peeling unless showing off for friends.

  3. My son would peel it every time, I'm sure. It's all about being part of the target market.