Foie Gras Double Down Sandwich - by Joe Beef

In case you aren't morbidly obese a fast food aficionado, the Double Down is KFC’s monster monster salute to heart disease. "It’s so meaty, there’s no room for a bun.." It consists of bacon, cheese, and mayo sandwiched between two deep-fried chicken cutlets. And it is 540 delicious calories, with 32 grams of fat.
Well, the chef at Joe Beef, Frédéric Morin, has taken the concept to new depths of gluttony, The Foie Gras Double Down. It's a whole lot of crispy bacon, extra sharp cheddar cheese, homemade aïoli, stuffed between two 3-ounce slabs of chicken-fried foie gras and drizzled in maple syrup. Some things are worth dying early for.
Photo: This is Gonna be Good

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