21 Unique Chandeliers

I will never own a chandelier, a.) because I break things too easily, b.) because I have an uncontrollable compulsion to swing on things, and c.) I am poor. But, just because I'll never own one, doesn't mean I don't think they are cool. Here are 21 unique chandeliers.

Made with various kitchen utensils.
Made entirely of human bones.
Putting old liquor bottles to use.
Big brother has good taste.
For the gun enthusiast.
Made from hot glue.
Argh matey.
Old milk bottles.
This is made of paperclips.
Composed of tampons.
A bunch of shiny items, including pots and lanterns.
CD cases.
Hangers. I couldn't think of a "just 'hangin' around" joke.
The creepy kid in your neighborhood will love it!
Old party poppers.
Mmm, gummy bears.
Chickens? Nope, white rats.
Volivik Lamp by En Pieza. This one is made up of recycled bic pens. It’s available in clear and orange. These were only 30 made at a cost of $1000.
Carolina Fontoura’s Bicycle Chain Chandelier. This artist came up with the idea of turning bicycle chains and bicycle parts into these Victorian inspired chandeliers.
Stuart Haygarth’sTide Chandelier. It’s comprised of plastic waste such as water bottles and sunglasses found along the Kent coastline in Britain. It measures 5 feet in diameter.
Atelier Abigail Ahern’s Porcelain Chandelier. Each individual porcelain tile is hand crafted, and comes at a cost of £ 14,000.
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  1. Some of these are amazing! Some are creepy, and they're all unusual..the things others get up to amazes me!

  2. haha that gun one is so original. i never seen that before. the others look real pretty too.

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