25 Cartoons You May Not Have Known Were Voiced By Celebrities

1. Carlos Alazraqui as Rocko, Rocko's Modern Life.

2. Jessica Walter as Fran The Dinosaur, Dinosaurs.

3. George Cloony, as The Doctor From South Park, The South Park Movie.

4. Dustin Hoffman As Benedict Arnold, Liberty's Kids.

5. Bruce Willis As Spike, The Rugrats Movie.

6. Adam West As R. Kelly's Lawyer, The Boondocks.

7. Alec Baldwin As The Bad Guy Dennis, The Spongebob Movie.

8. Michael Cera As Brother Bear, The Berenstain Bears.

9. Danny DeVito As Phil, Hercules.

10. Eric Idle As The Transformer Wreck-Gar, Transformers.

11. Uncle Phil From Fresh Prince (James Avery) as Shredder, TMNT.

12. Stephen Colbert And Steve Carell As The Ambiguously Gay Duo, SNL.

13. Michael J Fox As Stuart Little, Stuart Little.

14. John Leguizamo As Rat #2, Dr. Dolittle.

15. Kelsey Grammer As Sideshow Bob, The Simpsons.

16. Whoopi Goldberg As Fantasy The Book, The Pagemaster.

17. Vin Diesel As The Iron Giant, The Iron Giant. That makes sense since "robot" is the extent of his acting range.

18. Mark Hamill As Invader Zim, Invader Zim (The Pilot).

19. Tim Curry As Nigel Thornberry, The Wild Thornberrys.

20. Burt Reynolds As Charlie B. Barkin, All Dogs Go To Heaven.

21. Patrick Stewart As The Great Prince, Bambi 2.

22. Martin Sheen As Sly Sludge, Captain Planet.

23. Mel Gibson As John Smith, Pocahontas.

24. Val Kilmer As Moses/God, The Prince Of Egypt.

25. Optimus Prime was played by the same man that plays Eeyore, Peter Cullen. (Not a celebrity, just interesting).


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