Friday, March 25, 2011

101 Pringle Flavors from Around the World (Mostly USA and Japan)

Pringles are a potato chip-like snack food. They are enjoyed in over 100 countries, with over a billion (US Dollars) is sales anually. I personally love the cheese flavored "Cheez Ums," but there are hundreds of flavors. Here are 101 different flavors from around the world, some ordinary, some strange.

1 Bacon & Cheese Potato

2 Bacon Ceaser Salad - Sounds pretty good.
3 Bacon Ranch

4 Bangkok Grilled Chicken Wing
5 Barbecue

6 Beef Kabab - Comes with a bonus pack of Rolaids.
7 Blazin' Buffalo Wing

8 Blueberry & Hazelnut - Really? Seems like an odd combo to my westernized mouth.
9 Bruschetta
10 Cajun

11 Cheddar BBQ

12 Cheddar Cheese

13 Cheese and Onion

14 Cheese Carnival - I want to go to a cheese carnival so bad.
15 Cheeseburger

16 Cheesy Fries

17 Cheesy Quesadilla

18 Cheez Ums

19 Chili Cheese Dog

20 Chili Cheese

21 Cinnamon Sweet Potato
22 Corn Pringles

23 Crunchy Dill

24 Crushed Pepper - Doesn't sound too crazy.
25 Curry

26 Fat Free Barbecue

27 Fiery Hot

28 Finger Lickin' Braised Pork - Mmm, spit covered fingers and braised pork.
29 French Consume - Better than the Czech consume.
30 Fun Picnic - Notice the picture of cheese fries. I know the funnest picnics I've been on have included cheese fries.
31 Garlic Seafood
32 Grand Canyon French Fries - Really? Do they thing we all ride around on horses wearing baseball caps and eating fries?
33 Grilled Shrimp
34 Honey Mustard

35 Hot & Spicy Wonton

36 Indonesian Satay - Hmmm.
37 Jalapeno

38 Jalapeno Cheddar

39 Jalapeno Ranch

40 Keema Curry - Summer and Keema Curry go hand in hand.
41 Ketchup

42 Kickin' Cheddar

43 Lemon

44 Lemon & Sesame - A natural combo?
45 Loaded Baked Potato

46 Los Angeles Street BBQ Chicken - Nothing Says LA like BBQ chicken.
47 Mayo Potato - Shiver.
48 Mexican Layered Dip

49 Mozzarella Sticks & Marinara
50 Multi Grain Cheesy Cheddar

51 Multi Grain Creamy Ranch

52 Multi Grain Truly Original

53 New York Street Cheese Dog
54 Night Club - Mmm, chips flavored like sweat and hormones.
55 Night Star - Looks like they are cheese flavored.
56 Old American Circus Funky Mustard - Best flavor, hands down.
57 Onion Blossom

58 Original

59 Paprika
60 Parmesan Garlic

61 Philly Cheesesteak
62 Pizza-licious

63 Potato Cheddar Jack

64 Prawn Cocktail
65 Ranch-Rageous

66 Reduced Fat Original

67 Ridges Original

68 Rock the Floor - What?
69 Salsa

70 Salsa Verde

71 Salt and Vinegar

72 Sausage - Mmm, sign me up.
73 Screamin' Dill Pickle

74 Seaweed
75 Slow Cooked BBQ

76 Smoked Salami - Another delicious sounding variety.
77 Smokey Bacon

78 Smokey BBQ

79 Smokin' Hot Ranch

80 Soft-Shelled crab - Ugh.
81 Sour Cream and Onion

82 Southwestern Barbecue

83 Spanish Salsa Pizza - The Spanish eat a lot of "salsa pizza" do they?
84 Spicy Cajun

85 Spicy Chicken
86 Spicy Guacamole

87 Sun Dried Tomato

88 Sweet Mesquite BBQ

89 Sweet Potato Honey Chipotle Barbecue

90 Szechuan Barbecue Rice Crisps
91 Taco Night

92 Texas BBQ sauce

93 Thai Sweet Chili & Lemon Grass
94 Tiger Prawn and Crushed Garlic

95 Tomato
96 Torchin' Tamale

97 White Cheddar

98 Wild Consume - What makes it wild?
99 Wisconsin White Cheddar

100 Zesty Lime and Chili

101 Zesty Queso

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13


Anonymous said...

feta and avocado in egypt!

Schrodinger Cat said...

How many of those have you tasted?

Notorious Nick said...

Not nearly enough. I've maybe tried 20 or so.

Anonymous said...

Man I need one of each of those. Especially the soft-shell crab. Why not available everywhere?

Erica @ Nonstop World Travel said...

I got a pic of the seaweed and grilled shrimp varieties in Thailand (feel free to add it)

Didn't come across the soft shell crab though...probably for the best.

Jesse said...

And the best part is that most of those actually sound pretty good!

Anonymous said...

Years ago I bought the ketchup flavored ones and they were delicious....found them at a dollar store and have never been able to find them since then....I always check!@

Jessica said...

The "Rock the Floor" flavor says Red Chili Chicken in Japanese :)

Anonymous said...

Don't slag off Crab flavor if you haven't tried it, you prejudiced cunt.

widya l larasati said...

soft shell crab is available here, in Indonesia. taste like regular seafood. but i like the seaweed better.

Anonymous said...

There's also a very tasty wasabi-flavored Pringles available in the UK.. :-)

Jennifer @ OrangePolkaDot said...

Did you get a Jamon-flavored from Spain on the list? I can get you some pictures. I have been meaning to do a chip post for my blog about living in Barcelona.

Anonymous said...

They were selling Pigs in a Blankets flavored pringles in Ireland at Christmas last year.

Shelby Reynolds said...

So funny! I did a post awhile back on this as well. I tasted and profiled Bangkok Grilled Chicken Wing, Lemon Sesame, Blueberry & Hazelnut, Soft Shell Crab. BLECH on the taste, but hilarious on thinking about how on earth someone came up with these flavor combinations! Fun to read other 'weird' varieties available out there!

Anonymous said...

found a website to buy pringles and they shit straight to your house!!!

Anonymous said...

HIi, I m from Argentina and i collects pringles. I have only 29, i have some pictures if you wants..

violet's travels said...


Arukiruki said...

"Anonymous says:
March 28, 2011 3:25 AM

Man I need one of each of those. Especially the soft-shell crab. Why not available everywhere?"

Are you sure? it's available in Indonesia, I've tasted it and it was very delicious in my opinion. Anyway, I didn't find any "Indonesian Satay" flavored in Indonesia, Really!

Anonymous said...

OMG. There are only like 15 of these available in the US. For the "most advanced country in the world" we sure are lame.): I'm moving to Japan!

Anonymous said...

In my recent trip to Italy I had Rosemary and Olive Oil Pringles and it was really good!!!

Deanna X said...

I found the Indonesian Satay ones in Vietnam last month. They tasted fine, but not very flavorful. In Kuwait I bought Flammin' Chili Sauce. I didn't like the soft shell crab or seaweed.

Anonymous said...

just finished eatint texas bbq sauce and it is probabl my new favourite my old was sour cream n onion

Anonymous said...

Love that you took the time out of your busy schedule to compile such an exhaustive list of all things Pringle related.

Nifty Nick said...

Well thank you anonymous. I make these kind of sacrifices because I love the common man, and I want them to have the best of all things Pringle related.

nikkinikki said...

I absolutely love spicy guacamole but can't find them any more I am more than willing to have them shipped from wherever they can be found if u know where I can find them PLEASE email me at

Anonymous said...

Seaweed is da best best best best best BEST ! Try It You will Love it. I can't stop eating it even though i'm full. ITS REALLY REALLY GOOD. xD

Vicman said...

Paprika is just BBQ renamed for other markets apparently. I'm living in Norway eating some now (which is what brought me here via Google) as an American I can tell you, it's just BBQ renamed.

Anonymous said...

Rock the floor Pringles actually states "red chilli chicken" in small writing below it. so i assume that is the flavour.

Anonymous said...

The best 4 me is sour cream & onion :D Im just eating them right here in Spain jajaja

Anonymous said...

You forgot about Macaroni Cheese Flavor. So essentially there are 102 flavors of pringles

Anonymous said...

@ Vicman: Paprika is not BBQ renamed, at least it isn´t in germany. The flavors taste completly different

Anonymous said...

I collect pringles cans and have over 200 from just a month or two I eat a few per day and I still only have about 15 of those flavors like ketchup screaming dill sour cream n onion BBQ cheddar cheese jalapeƱo Cajun salsa

Anonymous said...

The soft-shell crab is horrible. And pink. Weird looking, tasting and smelling.

However, Blueberry and Hazelnut are the best flavor I've ever had. Kind of sweet.

BubbleB said...

I got totally hooked to the UK (I'm sure it was a limited edition) Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper Pringle's a year or so ago they really need to bring them back permanently. Love Pringle's thanks for the list!

Anonymous said...

29 and 98 are the same ones though? so there are only 100 flavors.

Anonymous said...

Based on all the ones that i've tried, my favorite is original XD

Anonymous said...

They forgot:

Rosmarin and Oil (in Italy/tastes awful)
Pizza Margerita (in Italy /awful)
Salt&Peper (in Austria/ tastes bad)
Hot & Spicy (Chili) (In Austria tastes great)
Hot& Curry (in Austria tastes bad)
Hot & wasabi (in Austria tastes boring)
X-treme Hot & Spicy (chili) (Austria)
X-treme Hot & Curry (Austria)
X-treme hot & wasabi (Austria)

Anonymous said...

29 and 98 aren't the same. They have the same picture.... but the can on the left is 29 and the can on the right is 98.

I am dying to try the funky mustard flavor!

Anonymous said...

sooo any of them in Thailand! the bluberry one was sooo gross my cat didn't even eat it!! but i quite like the sesame and lemon , if i could only get it in australia.

Anonymous said...

They still have them! They are currently being sold in tesco! X

Anonymous said...

I want the screamin' dill pickle !!

Anonymous said...

lots of new ones not listed but they are hard to find also:
multi grain farmhouse chedder
multigrain summer salsa
chili con queso
cinnimon sugar
white chocolate peppermint
salt and pepper

Anonymous said...

Iv seen pumpkin pie ones in oklahoma

Anonymous said...

Whether they sound disgusting or not, I'm woman enough to try them. Bring it on! Thanks for the list!

octavaluna said...

I'm Spanish and I never heard of Spanish Salsa Pizza.
I doubt that even exists. And my family is in food business :/

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm....... My state cheese.:D

Anonymous said...

Found a few new ones this summmer:

Memphis BBQ
Tangy Buffalo Wing
Salsa de Chile Habanero
Chile Y Limon

All in the US

Anonymous said...

I collect the cans n wanna try all of the flavors I got a good bunch of them if anyone wants to buy me the flavors I would be happy to pay u back lol

Anonymous said...

Add Pecan Pie. not a fav

Anonymous said...


CheeseSticks said...

I had no ideas there were so many flavors around the world. I am definitely partial to trying the bruschetta one.

friv said...

What can not be stopped enthusiasts.

Anonymous said...

In my neck of the woods, I have seen, cinnamon and sugar, white chocolate, sweet chili, and pecan pie!

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