15 Bodacious Backpacks

Whether people use them to carry books, pens and paper, or dead squirrels and used bandaids (middle school was a crazy time), backpacks are very handy. They can be pretty plain and unassuming, but they can also be pretty cool. Here 15 are such backpacks:

A rosy cheeks bag.
Perfect for basketball players.
A leather dragon.
Real douche bags blast their Nickelback for everyone to hear.
Dead Gemlin carcass for all your goodies.
Scare all those pesky ladies off with this Yoda backpack.
Embrace the dark side.

Mam, there is a cockroach on your back.
Lego my Lego bag.
Your a little old for that lady.
Pretty cool guitar bag.
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  1. I have the lego back pack in pink !!

  2. Those bags are soooo cool, especially the basketball one!!!!


  3. lucy heisinger where did you get it from?

  4. Wow! Those are a bunch of amazing cool backpacks choices. All of them look very unusual and will certainly catch people's eyes.

  5. Looks funny on non-90's people

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