21 Cool Cutlery, Flatware and Silverware Designs

I'm perfectly happy eating with my fingers, and when company comes over I break out the sporks from Taco Bell. But, some people are a little more picky than me, they need fancy-pants cutlery. Here are 21 cool designs:

Open wide! Here comes the airplane!
Finger fork.
Bite marks.
I like the spoon, but how would you eat shredded wheat with it?
Garden tool flatware.
These are for camping, you just attach them to a branch.
For use in the East and West.
For self defense.
My son needs no help playing in his food. Cool though.
Nice spork.
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  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if you could tell me the sources for a few of the designs. In particular, I'd like to find the ones that are right after the bite-mark ones, the ones with the black spirals and the ones sandwiched beteween the two tool photos.

    Thanks a lot,