15 Unique Scarves

Why do people wear scarves? Do their necks really get that cold? I think it's just an adult version of a security blanket. Go back to your mommies, thumb suckers! Any-who, here are unique 15 scarves:

Mmm, bacon.
That is a lot of extra lives.
All the things that kill Mario.
Now you can let everyone know you feel oppressed by something.
Mittens and a scarf in one, or just a really immodest sweater? You decide.
Raccoon scarf.
These letters ought to keep you warm.
Mike Tyson's Punch Out.
Mmm, pizza.
I think some people should come with a warning label.
Now that's functional! Comes in "white" and "used to be white".
Piranha plant.
Eggs 'n' bacon.
Sausage links.
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