Tastes of the World - 16 International Coke Flavors

 So while we were in Vegas, we stopped by the Coke store to sample some tasty beverages. I had heard that they have fountains with all the different drinks, free to try. Well, they might have, but now you have to pay. So, I plopped down $7 (now my son can't afford new shoes) and got two trays with 16 different drinks from around the world. My wife and I sampled them all, and here are our thoughts.
Tray #1 (on the top)

1. Inca Cola (Peru):
It smelled and sort of tasted like bubblegum, with some fruity notes as well. Not bad really.

2. Sunfill Mint (India):
Have you ever swallowed the toothpaste after brushing your teeth? Do you enjoy drinking mouthwash? Then you would probably like Sunfill Mint. It doesn't taste bad, per se, it just tastes like toothpaste, carbonated toothpaste.

3. Stoney Ginger Beer (South America):
This tasted like the raw ginger that you get with sushi. Not a fan.

4. Sunfill Blackcurrent (Mauritius): I really liked this one, in fact it might have been my favorite. It tastes similar to a grape soda, but with a bit of berry mixed in as well.

5. Krest Gingerale (Israel):
This tasted like a lime Otter Pop, mixed with gingerale. I liked this one quite a bit.

6. Vegitabeta (Japan):
My wife liked this one. It was non carbonated, and tasted like apricots. My wife said it tasted like carrots.

7. Smart Watermelon (China):
Watermelon Jolly Rancher all the way. Not bad, but really more of a children's drink I would think.

8. Kinley Lemon (England):
This is probably my second favorite. It is basically a carbonated lemonade, but tangier, and with a bit of lime taste as well.

Tray #2 (on the left)
1. Lift Apple (Mexico):
Essentially like a sparkling apple juice (i.e. Martinelli's), but not quite as good, since it is probably an artificial apple flavor.

2. Fanta Kolita (Costa Rica):
Have you ever had the candy Zots? Well, Fanta Kolita tastes just like Zots. There really is no other way to describe the taste, it was very unique.

3. Simba Guarana (Paraguay):
This one had a sweet guava type taste. Pretty good, but maybe too sweet.

4. Bibo Mango Kiwi (South Africa):
I liked this one. The best way to describe it would be a fruity cream soda.

5. Bibo Pine Nut (South Africa):
This was non carbonated, and tasted like pina colada. It was very, very sweet, almost like the syrup they put on snow cones.

6. Smart Apple (China):
This tasted like a green apple candy, like those carmel apple suckers.

7. Beverly (Italy):
I don't know what Beverly this drink was named after, but she must have been a bitter whore. This is the nastiest death drink I have ever had the misfortune of passing through my lips. This has to be used as something you would add to a sweet liquor, not just by itself.

8. Mezzo Mix (Germany):
This actually tasted a lot like Pepsi, but with just a hint of bitterness.

Anywho, I would recommend that if you are in Vegas, you stop by the coke store, head up to the second floor, and order yourself a "Tastes of the World." You won't be able to drink it all, so share it.


  1. Just in case you're interested. Mezzo Mix is a mixture of Cola and Orangenlimonade (that would be whatever the Coke brand name Orange Fanta or Orange Crush thing is). Around here ( southwest Germany) any mix of any cola and any orangey carbonated drink is called Spezi and I think I remember people mixing it up before it was sold as a product itself. The Pepsi version is called Schwipp Schwapp.

  2. When I tried those, I couldn't stop making faces after trying the Beverly. The server laughed, then she told me that she would sometimes serve it to obnoxious visitors who demanded a free sample, since it looked like Sprite.

    Well, that's one way to teach them...

  3. It seems rather that YOU cannot afford to buy your kid new shoes because you decided to buy soda instead.
    That was a choice you made, not an obligation. You make it sound as if you were duped into "accidentally" making a purchase.

  4. I'm pretty sure it was a joke and I'm pretty sure everyone but you got it.

  5. You couldn't be more spot on with your comment on the beverly flavor

  6. About my sons shoes... Really? Of course it was a joke.

  7. Beverly contains quinine - which has a bitter unique taste to it. It is usually mixed with Gin (like Bombay Sapphire, for example).
    It is drank for muscle cramps and even a anti-malarial...