22 Cats Taking Baths

Cats; I could take them or leave them. But there is one thing I do know, you don't really need to bathe them, at least not very often. Cats clean themselves, constantly, with this smug little expression of self satisfaction. It's like they think they are better than you, just because you only shower once a month, and they are constantly clean. I'm saving money on water, stupid cats!

Anyway, here are 22 really pissed off cats.

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  1. For a cat, it's hair is necessary to stay alive. A cat without hair is uglier than a rat.

  2. Had to share these kitty pics on twitter. They look silly and at the same time they look scared/mad.

  3. I think it is cruel. They are so clean by themselves, always washing. They are not supposed to be bathed. They never get that "wet doggie" smell.