2010 Summer Movies

I love movies, and I love the big blockbusters that come out every summer. Still, I'm not super excited this year, because there don't seem to be any really, really awesome movies coming out. here is a partial list, with my thoughts.


Iron Man 2 - I'm gonna see it. Too often sequels suck, so I'm not holding my breath. Then again, the second Batman was fantastic, so maybe this one will be good too.

Robin Hood - I'm gonna see it. I like Ridley Scott as a director, and Russell Crowe as an actor; I also love the story of Robin Hood. This has potential, I really hope it turns out well.

Shrek Forever After - I think I'll rent this one. It will probably suck. Seriously, let him die already.

MacGruber - I might see this. The SNL skit is pretty funny, and I like Will Forte. Still, this movie could either be good for a few laughs, or totally blow.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - I might see this. The video game is fantastic, but it's a Disney movie, a company not know for the best action. Also, Jake Gyllenhaal is not an action star, so stop it.


Get Him to the Greek - I'll probably see this. Jonah Hill and Russell Brand are hilarious.

The A-Team - I might see this. Liam Neeson is good, but I don't know about the rest of the cast. This has the potential to be as bad as Charlie's Angels (shiver).

The Karate Kid - I'm gonna see it. I'll see it if for no other reason than I like Jackie Chan, and it's a remake of a movie I loved as a kid. Still, no one can replace Mr. Myagi, no one!

Toy Story 3 - I'll probably see it. The first two were great, so there is no reason to expect this one to be different. I just hope they don't go after to many rehashed jokes.

Jonah Hex - I'm gonna see it. Great actors. John Malkovich and Will Arnett? Yes please. Megan Fox? No thanks, I hate her. Should be a good shoot 'em up kind of action flick.

Grown Ups - I'm gonna see it. Too many great comedians to go wrong.


The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - I'll be forced to see it. Love you honey.

The Last Airbender - I'm gonna see it. Admittedly, I watch the cartoon, so I'm gonna see it, if for nothing else, to see how they adapt it. Man I hope it's good.

Despicable Me - I'm gonna see it. I still have no idea what it is about, but my wife laughs every time she sees the little characters from the movie.

Predators - Won't see it. I guarantee this will be as lame as Aliens vs. Predator.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Might see it. Nicholas Cage? You know what you are getting from him, since he plays the exact same person in every movie. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Dinner for Schmucks - Probably a rental. I like Steve Carell on The Office, but the jury is still out on him as a movie actor, despite 40 Year Old Virgin.

Inception - I'm gonna see it. Come on, it's Leo, one of the greatest modern actors. I'll see it just for him. Plus, I love sci-fi movies, bonus. I bet this movie is gonna rock.

Overall, I would say the three I am looking forward to most are:

Robin Hood
The Last Airbender
And Inception

What are your thoughts? Did I miss any good ones? (Don't say Sex in the City 2, I said good ones.)

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