20 Pieces of Nerd Furniture

Furniture doesn't have to be sophisticated, it can meet your personality too. Here are 20 pieces of nerdy furniture.

Mario and Luigi dresser.

Playstation table

Mario Bros. wall storage bins.

An i-phone table.

An Alien table.

Pac-Man seats.

A dragon end table.

Han Solo frozen in carbonite, in desk form.

Scrable benches.

A periodic table.

Another periodic table.

A Pac-Man set of shelves.

A Pac-Man table.

A Nintendo chair.

A Lego couch.

Rubick's Cube tables.

Space Invaders table.

A chair made of CDs.

A ten key table.

An Apple table.

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  1. I think the Scrabble benches are a great idea!

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