17 Old West Photos

Here are 17 old west photos from the Library of Congress. Pretty neat stuff.

The last Deadwood Coach. Last trip of the famous Deadwood Coach.

Indian Fighters from the US Army Infantry.

"Comanche," the only survivor of the Custer Massacre, 1876. History of the horse and regimental orders of the 7th Cavalry as to the care of "Comanche" as long as he shall live.

Capt. Taylor and 70 Indian scouts.

Hose team. The champion Chinese Hose Team of America, who won the great Hub-and-Hub race at Deadwood, Dak., July 4th, 1888.

The Interior. "Clean Up" day at the Deadwood Terra Gold Stamp Mill, one of the Homestake Mills, Terraville, Dakota.

Lakota Sioux Indian Camp.

Omaha Board of Trade in Mountains near Deadwood, April 26, 1889.

"Hotel Minnekahta," Hot Springs, Dak.

The Interview. Standing Elk, No. 1; Running Hog, No. 2; Little Wolf, No. 3; Col. Oelrich, No. 4; Interpreter, No. 5.

Tallyho Coaching. Sioux City party Coaching at the Great Hot Springs of Dakota.

"We have it rich." Washing and panning gold, Rockerville, Dak. Old timers, Spriggs, Lamb and Dillon at work.

Deadwood Central R.R. Engineer Corps.

"Hunting Deer." A deer hunt near Deadwood in winter '87 and '88. Two miners McMillan and Hubbard got their game.

The Cowboy.

Village of the Lakota Sioux Indians.

"Gold Dust." Placer mining at Rockerville, Dak. Old timers, Spriggs, Lamb and Dillon at work.

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