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10 Extreme Wedding Cakes
Wedding season is upon us, and that means it’s time for all the usual customs, from save-the-dates and registries to showers and parties. One of the most beloved traditions of any wedding is the cutting of the cake—but in today’s world of Ace of Cakes, a cake is no longer just a cake. From a Harry Potter­-themed groom’s cake to a multilayered pagoda-shaped confection, check out 10 outrageous tiered treats below.

10 Classic Sitcoms Recast
First it was Beverly Hills, 90210, and then it was Melrose Place. Networks even tried to bring back The Bionic Woman in 2007. Now networks have added The Rockford Files, Charlie’s Angels and Hawaii Five-O to their line-ups for next fall. But most TV remakes so far have been disappointing at best and monumental failures at worst. So why do they keep trying? Maybe the problem isn’t doing remakes, but the shows they’re choosing...or the actors they’re casting. So to help the networks out, we’ve chosen 10 shows we’d love to see remade, and picked whom we’d like to resurrect them from television history.

12 Cool Cardboard Sculptures
Biodegradable art is all the rage, with artists using anything from old newspapers to cardboard. But the artists who choose cardboard, a.k.a. “heavy-duty paper,” do so for its structural strength. It also happens to be cheap. Whether the materials are straight out of the trash or brand-new, we’ve collected 12 examples of what a creative mind can do. From Japanese architect Shigeru Ban's river-spanning "Cardboard Bridge" to artist Chris Gilmour’s “Aston Martin,” check out the 12 masterpieces that follow.

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