Bees in the BBQ

So this has been circulating around the internet and I thought it was neat enough to share.

This guy notices a bunch of bees flying in and out of his covered BBQ.

So he devises a plan to get rid of them, smoke bomb on a stick.

After the smoke clears he returns to assess the damage.


Now that the bees are gone, he removes the cover so he can clean up his grill. But as he does so, he notices something waxy and sticky on the side board. Looking a little closer, he notices it is a giant beehive.

Good thing he didn't just rip the cover off.


  1. This is why our honey bee population is disappearing, simple ignorance. How sad!

  2. that dude should be have one of his smokebombs shoved up his ass >:(

  3. Actually bees do NOT die from smoke

  4. Anonymous,

    It wasn't just smoke, it was a pesticide smoke bomb.

  5. I'm glad those bees are dead. What if that guy had a little kid that got hurt by the bees, you people would be blaming him for not getting rid of the hive fast enough. Kill

  6. There are people who remove unwanted hives without harming the bees, duh.

  7. That makes me sad :( Next time, call a beekeeper.