22 Strange and Unique Pillows

Forget your standard white, boring pillows. I like my pillows unique. For instance, the pillow I sleep on is a kaleidoscope of neat colors, a far cry from the boring old white, when I first bought it. I drink punch in bed, it helps me sleep. Check out these 22 unique pillows.


Pizza pillow.

NES controller pillows. Up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, A, B, A, B, Select, Start.

Lego pillow.

Campfire pillow.

J. Wellington Wimpy's pillow.

Must have one right now: moustache pillow. Who's a handsome boy? You are, you are.

Girlfriends lap pillow. Dang it Japan, quit being weird.

Gameboy pillow.

Who doesn't love the smell of fish when they are trying to sleep?

Embryo's are super comfy.

Dig Dug.

Transformer, robots in disguise.

DOS pillow.

This pillow leaves an impression on your face.

Mmm, bacon. Goes great with the egg or cheeseburger pillow.

It's called the second amendment, look it up.

Sushi pillow.

For the desperate, the boyfriend arm pillow.

Dead horse head pillow.

Rocker pillows.

The blood pillow.

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  1. These are AWESOME! My 18 year old son wants pizza morning noon and night, so that pillow REALLY rocks.