16 Cool Faucets

I wash my hands in a bucket. I get the water from my neighbors pool. I thought this was common practice, but apparently some people use metal spigots they call faucets, to get their water. Some are pretty fancy; here are 16 such faucets:

Very reptilian.

Looks like a pretzel.

Here is a blue glass thing that will break almost instantly when exposed to hot water.

A swan. Goose spit is renowned for it's cleansing properties and taste.

Consisting of a simple rippled circle display and an electromagnetically attracted metal ball, you can change the temperature of the water by simply placing the metal ball either along the hot or cold side of the plate. Electromagnetic sensors housed beneath the plate adjust the temperature according to the ball's placement, and LEDs light up in red, blue or neutral to visually cue you in as well.

A motorcycle faucet.

This cool gadget has facial recognition system so when you get near to the faucets, it serves water temperature according to a user’s taste.

I like the shape of the water stream.

Do you enjoy mythical creatures? What about mythical creatures vomiting large amounts of water. Well sir, do I have the sink for you.

I think we have all had a day dream or two of washing our hands in a dolphins mouth.

This faucet has color changing led technology, giving you a heads up before you melt the skin off your hands with boiling water.

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  1. My friend has the last one on the list. Every one of the corners is scary-sharp and the location of the handle behind the spout guarantees you'll find this out fairly quickly.

  2. they are "taps" in english!

  3. quit looking at me swan

  4. in american a tap is what you do to a keg.

  5. From which manufacturer is the round faucet / tap? That one with the light n the middle!

  6. the dragon and dolphins one look awesome

  7. Are these one of a kind sculptures or are they available for sale?

  8. such is the ideas of humans! very nifty, hahahha

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